‘Destiny 2’ rumors and news

Destiny has pretty remarkable legs for a two-year old game. Players continue coming back to Bungie’s online loot-and-shooter thanks to continued updates adding new features and robust expansions like The Taken King and Rise of Iron. At this point, though, many fans are anxious for what’s coming next, Destiny 2.

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While Bungie and Activision have kept fairly tight-lipped about the details  —  not surprising given the continued support and thriving player base for the original — tidbits of information have still found their way into the wild. They point to a sequel that sees Earth and the legendary Guardians who protect it in great peril.

Thanks to the game’s first full trailer, we know that the game will arrive September 8, and that it will bring the series to PC. Most importantly, we finally know that the game will, in fact, be titled Destiny 2, thanks to a recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, and that our first look at live gameplay will be on May 18.

Here is everything we know about Destiny 2.

An official announcement… and an impending attack?

Bungie’s first official, full-length trailer for Destiny 2 arrived on March 30, giving fans a brief glimpse of what to expect from the game when it launches in September. The trailer featured the characters Cayde-6 and Zavala, the leaders of the Hunters and Titans, respectively, and makes mention of antagonist Ghaul, as well as the loot-driven gameplay that was featured in the original game.

Prior to the trailer a teaser video earlier in the week, which also featured Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion, describing the invasion of the city — the primary social hub in Destiny.

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Bungie may have released the teaser and full-length trailer slightly ahead of schedule. Both announcements came shortly after promotional poster for Destiny 2, revealed the name, release date, and information about the pre-launch beta.

It’s coming to PC

Bungie officially confirmed that Destiny 2 would be coming to PC during the game’s first full trailer. As with the Xbox One and PC versions, several special editions are available, containing expansions, extra digital content, a USB charger, and even a laptop sleeve.

There will be a beta

Just like with the original Destiny, which ran a beta test in July 2014 before the full game launched in September, Destiny 2 will feature a beta, and it will be available first to those who pre-order the game. Though no final time table has been established, with the sequel also launching in September, we predict that the beta will take place in July.