Get Involved: What is your sporting soundtrack?

‘Shut your eyes & mean it’ – strangest pre-match ritual ever?

We all have those special songs which get us up pumped up for sport, right?

From the pre-match tune that gets you in the zone, to the one that helps you dig deep on that final gruelling mile – music is the greatest motivator.

And a piece of research carried out by Dr Costas Karageorghis – a reader in sport psychology from Brunel University – has scientifically proven that music can increase sporting performance.

Which got us thinking…

Ronaldo. Pumped.

What’s YOUR sporting soundtrack?

To celebrate BBC Music Day, we want you to tell us which piece of music helps or helped your sporting performance:

We’ll be updating this page with your comments throughout the day.

Ready… GO!

Everyone loves a montage

If you’re struggling, this might help… BBC Music – the 10 best songs to use in spine-tingling sports montages

This, on the other hand, probably won’t. Mind you, when you’re as good as Usain Bolt, you don’t even need sound.

Usain Bolt dances behind BBC presenter